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Rebel but cute – it is our key message.

It is obvious that kids are great because of a great combination of rebellion and cuteness.

That explosive mix has inspired us to create clothing brand for kids – KUKUKID.

KUKUKID is rebel, and so are kids and adults sometimes. The same is with our design – it is outstanding and shaws kids’ word. We do want our clothes to be comfortable to give the comfort to our kids.

KUKUKID is 100% made in Poland by three mums crazy about fashion and their kids. We work with local sewing and printings compannies. With our business we want to support Polish textil industry. “Fair trade” is what we believe in.

KUKUKID is taking part in different trade shows all over the world, for example:

  • Playtime Paris.
  • Playtime New York.
  • Playtime Tokyo.
  • CHIC Shanghai.



这种爆炸性的融合激发了我们为孩子们创造服装品牌—— KUKUKID。







  • Playtime 巴黎.
  • Playtime 纽约.
  • Playtime 东京.
  • CHIC 上海.
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